A Question of Time (The Snake Eater Chronicles 1)

Written by James Stejskal
Review by Ann Northfield

In Berlin in 1979, the division between East and West is stark and uncompromising – different ideologies, ways of life, levels of comfort and affluence. Some like OZ, an important official of the East secretly working for the West, have become disillusioned with the Communist paradise and are undermining it from within.

Being a secret agent is, of course, a dangerous game to play, and the existence of OZ has now been detected, meaning he must now go on the run and claim his promised escape route. Not an easy aim to achieve with all the surveillance and suspicion endemic in the Stasi regime.

It falls to the battle-hardened Master Sergeant Kim Becker, Vietnam veteran, to devise and pull off a daring extraction under the noses of the East German forces – and of course things never go to plan.

This is the first in a projected series entitled The Snake Eater Chronicles, and the author is certainly qualified to write about the military, espionage and counter-terrorism, because he previously had a distinguished career in this area, conducting undercover operations in danger spots around the world. This familiarity with weaponry, spy procedures and dynamics are evident in the writing. This man knows his Glocks and/or sabotage devices, and this adds a convincing layer to the story.