A Prince and a Spy

Written by Rory Clements
Review by Ann Northfield

1942. The King’s brother, Prince George, Duke of Kent, is killed in a mysterious air crash in the north of Scotland, but was it an accident? Differing reports and the whiff of conspiracy mean that Professor Tom Wilde, Cambridge don, American, and agent of the newly created OSS is sent to investigate on behalf of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, personal friend of the Prince and godfather to his new baby son.

In tandem with Harriet Hartwell, a young and beautiful British agent, Wilde is drawn into a web of secrets and lies, and it is impossible for him to know who to trust. He is the unfortunate witness to a horrible murder, and his relationship with Lydia comes under pressure from his enforced companionship with Harriet.

The action ranges from London clubs to the Swedish archipelago and doesn’t let up for a moment. This is the fifth novel to feature this intrepid hero who is intelligent, loyal, quick-thinking and brave. I have enjoyed all of the previous novels, and certainly this one was no exception. It’s action-packed, with a thrilling plot, interesting and well-drawn characters, based on historical fact (unfortunately – not humanity`s finest moment) and a novel I have no hesitation in recommending.

A shame it was published after Christmas, as this would have been an excellent addition to anyone`s stocking. The first one in the series is Corpus if you want to start at the beginning and, to be honest, why would you deny yourself? Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.