A Play of Treachery

Written by Margaret Frazer
Review by Patricia O’Sullivan

As an actor with a traveling company, Joliffe has played many roles. But when the Bishop Beaufort asks him to play the spy, Joliffe knows his skills will be tested. The year is 1436, and young King Henry VI is trying to secure his French lands against the Dauphin Louis. Joliffe must play the role of a clerk in a French household loyal to King Henry while also training to be a spy under a weapons master. The role is not difficult, and Joliffe finds himself enjoying the luxury of living in a chateau even though the war between France and England threatens all within. The murder of a young noble woman throws the household into turmoil, and it is up to Joliffe to find the murderer while protecting secrets that could change the course of the war. There is some information dump, but A Play of Treachery is an enjoyable read for its likeable characters, historical accuracy and twisting plot.