A Place Called Armageddon

Written by C.C. Humphreys
Review by Fenella Miller

The fall of Christian Constantinople to the Turks is a historical fact, but knowing this in no way detracts from the narrative. This book is more than the story of the fall of Constantinople; it is also the story of a cast of fictional characters. A mercenary returns from exile and meets his twin brother who betrayed him. The girl he once loved is now married to his brother and is forced to choose between them. A sorceress also plays a significant part in his return.

This excellent book is told from both sides of the religious divide. The Sultan is a young man given to wild outbursts of rage but with a brilliant tactical mind. The Emperor of Constantinople is equally interesting, a heroic and intelligent man. The fictional characters are woven seamlessly into the mix and their stories add a compelling, page-turning thrust to the main event: the fall of Constantinople. The battle scenes are exciting and authentic and suitably gruesome.

I knew little about the 1453 siege of Constantinople before I read this book, but now I have a realistic picture of what it must have been like for the citizens and the soldiers. Everything about A Place Called Armageddon is exactly as it should be – from the brilliant narrative to the perfect cover.

This is my first C.C. Humphreys book, but it will not be my last. A brilliant novel – a tour de force – very highly recommended.