A Passion Redeemed

Written by Julie Lessman
Review by Rebecca Roberts

In 1919, this second Daughters of Boston novel focuses on Charity O’Connor, who sets her sights on the crabby Mitch Dennehy, editor at Dublin’s Irish Times, and also her elder sister’s ex-fiancé. Charity’s stunning beauty and flirtatious ways have always succeeded with men, but at the cost of a shallow heart. Mitch has unwittingly stolen her heart and although the sparks fly, he refuses to get involved again with the O’Connor family. Charity has a plan to turn up the heat, and she always gets what she wants–one way or another. But when her flirtations get out of hand and cause her damage, her grandmother asks Mitch to help get Charity back home to Boston.

Full of intense passion, betrayal, and forgiveness, A Passion Redeemed will delight Lessman’s fans and draw new ones in. Charity’s transformation from a spoiled, selfish girl to a loving, caring woman is inspiring. Returning favorite characters, such as the spunky youngest O’Connor, Katie, return and add flavor and zest to this already luscious story.