A Necessary Deception

Written by Laurie Alice Eakes
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

England, 1812: Young widow Lydia Gale helps parole an imprisoned Frenchman and starts a chain of events that takes her from the sparkling life of the ton to the danger of the Napoleonic Wars. Christien de Meuse turns up in her drawing room and her heart, but he may be a spy. This convoluted story combines Regency romance with mystery and suspense. Other elements involve Lydia’s two younger sisters’ romantic tangles. The hero and heroine both struggle with their faith and their perceived family responsibilities. A series of melodramatic and perilous events thicken the mix as Christien and Lydia try to identify a blackmailer and traitor while learning to trust their love for each other.

Christian readers will like this sweet Regency with its religious tone. The book may also appeal to mystery lovers and history buffs. The occasional anachronisms will set Janeites’ teeth on edge. A Regency miss would not have said, “Now, scoot!” to her sister, and Lime Regis (sic) is jarring. Still, this award-winning author provides a pleasant, escapist read. For sizzle and a more authentic Regency feel, there are other authors to try.