A Murderous Relation (A Veronica Speedwell Mystery)

Written by Deanna Raybourn
Review by Ilysa Magnus

This is the fifth installment of what is a delightful, delicious series starring Veronica Speedwell and her “colleague” Stoker.

In the fall of 1888, Veronica and Stoker are invited to visit Lady Wellie, who asks them to intercede on behalf of Prince Albert Victor. Apparently, the Prince has gifted an extremely expensive diamond gift on Aurore, the proprietress of an exclusive London private club which he frequents—and the gift can easily be traced back to him. Lady Wellie’a greatest fear is that discovery of Albert’s gift to the madam will cause a scandal of epic proportions and threaten the monarchy. At the same time, London is being rocked by the Jack the Ripper murders, so everyone is on edge.

Veronica and Stoker take on the assignment, partly because of Veronica’s connection to the royal family and because of their great affection for Wellie. But when they go undercover at the brothel, a body soon turns up. What would a Speedwell mystery be like without a corpse?

This is perhaps my favorite series—not merely quick reading and filled with memorable characters and plots, but because we are given great insight into Victorian London. My own recommendation is that everyone with a sense of humor and humanity really needs to read the Speedwell books!