A Mother’s Love

Written by Katie Flynn
Review by Julie Parker

Katie Flynn was the pen name of Judy Turner, who died in January 2019. In recent years her daughter had assisted with the writing as her mother became ill and now continues writing under the Katie Flynn name. The original Katie Flynn wrote over 90 novels mostly set in Liverpool and the North West of England. This particular book is set during the Second World War, initially in Liverpool and the Wirral but, as the war gets underway and the young female characters join the voluntary services, the locations become further afield. There is frequent use of the Liverpool dialect and colloquialisms, which I found slightly annoying whilst I was reading the book. The young girls in the story find their future sweethearts among the service lads, so there is a strong streak of romance at the core. Whilst there is some detail about life on the Home Front, such as the bombing of the notorious ‘Courts’ of Liverpool and work on the ‘ack ack’ batteries, there wasn’t enough depth, for me, to give a full impression of life at this time.