A Most Magical Girl

Written by Karen Foxlee
Review by Pat Walsh

Twelve-year-old Annabel Grey is sent to stay with two great-aunts after her mother unexpectedly leaves home to go travelling. The old women are witches, and they tell Annabel that an evil wizard, Mr Angel, is about to attack and destroy London. With the help of wild, magical Kitty, an enchanted broomstick and a troll girl, Annabel sets out to fulfil her destiny as the only one who can defeat Mr Angel; she is, her aunts tell her, A Most Magical Girl.

This is a fantasy story, set in Victorian London, but it is not a historical novel as such; the period details are loosely sketched and form an atmospheric backdrop to this tale of friendship and bravery. Annabel goes from being the perfectly brought up young lady to a girl discovering her previously unsuspected magical powers and heritage. The search for the Morever wand takes Annabel and Kitty through the Otherworld realm of Underneath London in a lively and imaginative adventure. There are dark edges to the story, such as Mr Angel’s sinister army of shadowlings, but no graphic horror. It would suit readers of 10 and over, who like well written adventures full of magic and enchantment.