A Match Made for Murder (A Lane Winslow Mystery)

Written by Iona Whishaw
Review by Susan McDuffie

1947: Lane Winslow and her new husband, Inspector Darling, arrive in Tucson, excited to spend their honeymoon in the warmth, sun, and somewhat alien environment of Arizona. Their main focus is each other—and the swimming pool—although they enjoy meeting several other couples staying at the inn, and an old acquaintance of Darling’s who now works for the Tucson police. All that changes when Lane witnesses a shooting at the resort and is drawn into the investigation. That case appears quickly solved, but Darling’s friend, the assistant police chief Gallagher, hides secrets of his own.

Back in Canada, Ames and new detective Terrell investigate the mysterious death of a local man, a Lothario who, despite his wife and daughter, preys on high school girls. Ames fears the pretty auto mechanic Tina may be involved. Surely this case has no connection with the happenings in sunny Arizona. Or does it?

I’ve enjoyed all the King’s Cove mysteries, and this was no exception. I devoured it in a couple of days. Iona Whishaw paints as vivid a picture of sunny post-war Tucson as she does of cozy, cloudy King’s Cove settling in for the long winter. The plots, both mysteries and the romantic subplots, intrigue, and Whishaw has a knack for creating wonderful characters and tying seemingly unrelated threads together at the end of each book. That’s certainly the case here. And who knew Darling played tennis? Highly recommended!