A Man Called Trent

Written by Louis L'Amour
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Lance Kilkenny, a noted gunfighter, is a nester who lives in a cabin in New Mexico in the late 19th century. Hiding his past, and known by the local farmers and ranchers as Trent, he is caught up in a battle with a local cattleman named King Bill Hale, who wants the grazing land in the high country where nesters like Kilkenny live. Hale’s goal is to drive out the nesters by intimidation and murder. Kilkenny is forced to join the other nesters in confronting the powerful rancher, reverting to violence to protect his and his neighbor’s property. Originally appearing in West magazine in 1947, this is the first time this book has been published in hardcover. Louis L’Amour is still a world-renowned writer, even though he died in 1988. I’ve read many of his books on the West, and this one does not disappoint. The author is well versed on western culture and this book is a prime example. His characters are well drawn out, the dialog has the western slang and color we are used to reading in his novels, and his descriptions of the locations are breathtaking. Highly recommended.