A Love Most Dangerous

Written by Martin Lake
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Alice Petherton, a 17-year-old maid of honor to Queen Jane, is a penniless orphan who must rely on her own beauty and wit to make her way in the world. It is 1537. King Henry VIII has divorced one wife, beheaded another, and now awaits the birth of his heir. The time is ripe for a new favorite, and Alice is determined that it be she. Well aware of the fate of Anne Boleyn, Alice must decide how much she is willing to dare in order to become “fawned upon and bowed to some day.” Although the emotional responses of many of the characters in this novel seem muted, the flow of Lake’s writing has an appeal that draws the reader into the story. Altogether this is a light read that will entertain those who enjoy reading about the pleasures and perils of life at the Tudor court.