A Light to My Path

Written by Lynn Austin
Review by Carol Anne Germain

This is the final story in Lynn Austin’s Christian series about the Civil War. She does a fine job with this latest tale, in which she cleverly juxtaposes the lives of two slaves between the years 1849 and 1864. Her two main characters, Kitty and Grady, have similar backgrounds: both are torn from their parents at an early age, yet they proceed through life with different attitudes. Kitty notices the colors of life and looks for the positive aspects around her, while Grady sees the world in black and white and is extremely angry and hateful, especially with the white. After their lives overlap, Kitty will come to recognize some of the mistreatment she has endured, while Grady will begin to appreciate some of his good fortunes.

Austin enlightens the reader to the differences in slave treatment by different owners, some more caring and humane than others. In addition, she highlights how their positions affect their treatment; main house slaves were treated much better than their field counterparts. The author blends religious components, faith, love, and loyalty throughout this compelling story.