A Lady of Secret Devotion

Written by Tracie Peterson
Review by Donna Bassett-Edwards

This novel, book three in the Ladies of Liberty series, takes place in Boston and Philadelphia in 1857. Cassie Stover, a young woman in her twenties, lives in Philadelphia and works as a companion to Mrs. Jameston, a wealthy widow. Mark Langford, an insurance investigator from Boston, is trying to locate his best friend Richard’s murderer and travels to Philadelphia to find him. He suspects the killer is Mrs. Jameston’s son, Sebastian, who is recuperating from a gunshot wound received recently.

Cassie and Mark meet unexpectedly and become friends. Over a short period of time, he requests help in gathering information about Sebastian. They agree to pretend to be courting, but neither will admit their courting may mean more. Cassie grows to love Mrs. Jameston and tries to protect her from her son. Mrs. Jameston sees Cassie as the daughter she never had and subsequently renews feelings of childhood jealousy in Sebastian. She worries about Cassie, warning her that Sebastian is devious, corrupt and untrustworthy.

Sebastian and Cassie are opposing forces, both battling for Mrs. Jameston. A classic good versus evil story with romance and intrigue mixed in.