A Knight’s Persuasion

Written by Catherine Kean
Review by Troy Reed

In this medieval romance set in England in 1213, Edouard de Lanceau, son of the powerful Lord Geoffrey de Lanceau, meets the beautiful Lady Juliana de Greyne, who is to be his future betrothed in just a short time. In a bet that goes awry, Edouard ends up infuriating Juliana and hurting her feelings. Juliana’s sister deceives Edouard into becoming betrothed to her, a proposition that he has been putting off as he still longs for Juliana and regrets his previous conduct.

A year later on his way to do business for his father, Edouard finds an unconscious woman lying in the river. He is astounded to discover that the woman is Juliana. Desperate to get Juliana the help she needs for her injuries, Edouard unknowingly takes her to the nearest keep, which happens to house the enemies of his father and Edouard’s own rival. Juliana wakes to find that she has lost her memory, with no idea who Edouard is and why he is chained in the tower with her. Edouard must work to earn Juliana’s trust; he hopes that she can put aside their differences once her memories return and work together for their freedom. All the while each feels a strong, growing desire for the other. This book, fourth in Kean’s Knight’s series, is full of action and romance, and has much to enjoy.