A Heart’s Rebellion

Written by Ruth Axtell
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Jessamine Barry is on a mission: a mission to mend her broken heart. After years of waiting for one man, a man who lost his heart to another, Jessamine is ready to move on. She travels to London for the social season in search of a new adventure. Lancelot Marfleet has never had much luck with the ladies. Naturally awkward, he finds life as a missionary much more comfortable. But an illness has sent him home to London, where he must live with his aristocratic family for the duration of the season. A chance meeting between these two opposites will change both their lives forever.

In her latest novel, Ruth Axtell brings the Regency era to brilliant life. From the clothing to the language, the nuances of this period are ever-present. Though the character of Jessamine is somewhat unsympathetic at times, the overall story is engaging. And Lancelot? Let’s just say that his name is fitting. With a fun plot, relatable characters, and an appropriate horrible villain, Ruth Axtell’s A Heart’s Rebellion is a great read for any fan of historical Christian fiction.