A Haunt of Murder

Written by Paul Doherty
Review by Tess Allegra

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales have been reworked by contemporary author P.C. Doherty, whose pilgrims want their tales told at night to stave off boredom, and the creepier and more gruesome the better.

They are not disappointed with the final tale of the journey. It finds the group lost in Ravenscroft, an evil forest with a history of death and satanic retribution about which the Clerk of Oxford is eager to relate. Young love thwarted by murder, a hunt for buried treasure and two discovered corpses stir up the blood and blur the line of time for the wet and weary pilgrims. The Oxford Clerk’s tale of parted lovers intertwines with doings in the afterlife including a priest fighting the minions of hell. Frightening indeed to the modern reader, but terrifying those weary pilgrims en route to Canterbury. A fun read.