A Half Forgotten Song

Written by Katherine Webb
Review by Kate Braithwaite

Zach Gilchrist’s wife has divorced him and is taking their young child to live in America. His art gallery in Bath is failing, and the book he’s supposed to be writing about the artist Charles Aubrey is going nowhere. On the spur of the moment, Zach decides to travel to Dorset to find out more about some new Aubrey paintings that have recently come to light.

In A Half Forgotten Song, Katherine Webb blends the past and present in a delicious story of passion, secrets and lies. In 1937, Mitzy Hatcher, a beautiful wild young girl, catches the eye of the painter Charles Aubrey, holidaying in Dorset with his mistress and their two daughters. Mitzy and the elder daughter become close friends, but with each passing summer, Mitzy’s feelings for her friend’s father grow.

Zach finds Mitzy, now in her eighties, still living in the coastal cottage.  He slowly uncovers the secrets in the Aubreys’ past and at the same time falls for a local sheep farmer, Hannah, despite his misgivings about her possible role in the finding of new Aubrey paintings. Richly described and full of plot twists, romance and revelations, A Half Forgotten Song is another satisfying read from the author of The Legacy and The Unseen.