A Gentleman Says “I Do”

Written by Amelia Grey
Review by Nanette Donohue

In this Regency-era romance, Catalina Crisp’s father, Sir Phillip Crisp, is a dissolute poet known for his drunken affairs and his bawdy parodies. His latest target is the Brentwood family, and Iverson Brentwood isn’t taking the insult to his family’s dignity lightly. When Brentwood visits the Crisp home, Sir Phillip isn’t there, but Catalina is – and despite Iverson’s rude behavior and scandalous reputation, Catalina is intrigued by him. As the two begin an unexpected courtship, a secret hangs over their relationship: Catalina is the writer who completed her father’s work, and there are more installments to come. The dialogue is the highlight of the novel – the back-and-forth between Catalina and Brentwood is frequently clever – and the love story is quick, simple, and engaging. Grey isn’t breaking new ground with the fifth installment in her Rogues’ Dynasty series, but it’s still an enjoyable read.