A Dying Note

Written by Ann Parker
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

The body of a musician washes ashore upon the banks of San Francisco’s Mission Creek Bay in November 1881. Inez Stannert, manager of D & S House of Music and Curiosities, finds herself involved with solving the crime. She teams with Wolter Bruijn (a noted “finder of the lost”), and Frisco Flo, a madam from Leadville, Colorado who has ties to Inez from when she lived there prior to moving to San Francisco. They are threatened by the victim’s father, a rich merchant from Leadville, to find the killer within a week or suffer the consequences.

This is the seventh entry in the Silver Rush Mystery series. I liked how the plot gradually unraveled until the conclusion. I don’t feel it is necessary to read the previous books because the author did an excellent job of providing the reader with a short backstory that helped in developing the major characters. The San Francisco setting is richly described, giving the reader a fascinating glimpse of the period. This is not a fast-paced story, but one that provides clues to the crimes committed, along with a surprising conclusion.