A Dream to Follow

Written by Lauraine Snelling
Review by Melissa Galyon

Lauraine Snelling captures the hearts of two young adults as they work towards their life’s dreams in the late 19th century. She keeps the main characters separated through most of the novel, only bringing them together near the end of the story.

Thorliff Bjorklund wants to go to college and become a writer, though his family needs him at home to work on their North Dakota farm. Elizabeth Rogers longs to be a doctor, but her mother prefers that she become a married woman in Minnesota high society. When Thorliff goes away to school in the fall, he finds work and room and board at Elizabeth’s family newspaper. Snelling gives a few subtle hints that the next novel in the Red River series may lead to love between Thorliff and Elizabeth.

A Dream to Follow promises wonderful experiences for readers looking forward to future novels by Snelling. In the meantime, the Red River of the North series, starting with An Untamed Land, features Thorliff’s family as they arrive in North Dakota.