A Dream for Tomorrow

Written by Melody Carlson
Review by Sue Asher

This is the second book in the Home on the Oregon Trail series. Although there is a slight feeling at first of being late to the party, the author is quick to catch you up. Elizabeth Martin, a God-fearing widow with two children, has left Kentucky to make a new home in Oregon. Her wagon train is being guided by Eli Kincade, a handsome loner who captured Elizabeth’s heart in book one. However, they both know that she is looking for hearth and home while he is a wanderer who values his independence. There are troubles enough on the journey without tempting heartbreak. The story centers on the adventures of the Oregon Trail. Fans of pioneer fiction will enjoy the familiar yet exciting terrain. Elizabeth is a courageous woman who meets each challenge with strength but with realistic periods of strain. Her faith permeates the narrative, suitable for the genre and the storyline.

This was a sweet, enjoyable story. I would have liked to have seen more of the hero, but I suspect his strengths were showcased in book one. This series is recommended for fans of inspirational historical fiction, or anyone looking for a cozy, heart-warming read.