A Distance Too Grand (American Wonders Collection Book #1)

Written by Regina Scott
Review by Alice Cochran

Meg Pero is a photographer, regardless of what her aunt, the army, or 1871 American society has to say about it. As a result of this conviction, Meg has arrived at Fort Wilverton to fulfill the contracts her father negotiated prior to his death.

Ben Coleridge never got over the beauty who captivated his heart five years ago at West Point. He thought his latest duty station, in Arizona, would put him far enough away to forget, but then Meg arrives as the mission’s photographer. The spark between these characters is evident, and their romantic adventure spans all dimensions of Arizona’s greatest landmark.

A Distance Too Grand bridges the gap between a reluctant pair and does a remarkable job of resolving the reservations of each main character. By mixing diverse characters, scenic descriptions, and perilous adventure, this book brings to life a cute and enjoyable tale.  Scott’s latest novel is a delightful, fun read and is recommended to anyone looking for a self-sufficient heroine, an utterly devoted hero, and one grand adventure.