A Deal with the Devil

Written by Liz Carlyle
Review by Audrey Braver

When Aubrey Montford shows up at Cardow Castle, late and with a son, to take up the position of housekeeper, she is almost thrown out. Cardow is the seat of Lord Walrafen, who rarely visits. His uncle hires her. For three years Aubrey corresponds with Lord Walrafen, keeping him up to date on estate matters, much to his chagrin. When his uncle is murdered, Walrafen returns for the funeral. He is immediately struck by his housekeeper’s unusual beauty, not to mention her talent in managing the estate. Aubrey has a secret that, if known, could mean her son’s death. The investigation forces Aubrey to spin a web of lies. Walrafen knows she is lying but cannot help falling in love with her. She returns his love, but it is too dangerous to trust him with the truth. It is truly a matter of life and death.

Liz Carlyle’s latest novel shimmers with passion and intrigue. Max de Rohan, the gentleman detective (No True Gentleman) who is married to Walrafen’s stepmother, returns with his sidekick Kemble to help solve the mysterious death of Walrafen’s uncle.