A Dead Man in Tangier

Written by Michael Pearce
Review by Sara Wilson

In Tangiers of 1912, pig-sticking is a popular recreation, albeit a dangerous one, and is enjoyed by Monsieur Bossu – until he is stuck himself. Given Bossu’s position on the new and important international committee, Sandor Seymour of Scotland Yard is sent in to investigate.

This is the fourth outing for Seymour and, like his previous escapades, detection and diplomacy go hand in hand. His strengths are quiet observation and skilful questioning and by employing both he comes to the truth behind Bossu’s untimely death.

Perhaps better known for his Mamur Zapt novels, Michael Pearce’s Seymour of Scotland Yard is shaping up to rival his earlier series. Subtle characterisation, an ingenious plot and a powder keg political situation combine to create a complex and satisfying detective story.