A Dangerous Legacy

Written by Elizabeth Camden
Review by Rebecca Cochran

New York City, 1903, is an exciting time with advancements in technology, and Lucy Drake is no stranger to the marvels of the new century. Not only has she mastered Morse Code, but she works for a local news agency’s telegraph office. This makes a perfect place to spy on her nefarious uncle who has kept Lucy and her brother’s rightful inheritance to himself: the rights to an engineering marvel invented by her grandfather. When Sir Colin Beckwith arrives from London, Lucy’s adventures begin in earnest. Although they work for competing companies, Lucy and Colin slowly begin to develop a friendship and Colin decides to work with Lucy to find a way to stop her uncle once and for all. As the two get closer, so too, does the danger.

Camden again has realistically painted a truly endearing love story. Lucy nearly ruins her chances with Colin and their struggles to accept each other’s faults are endearing, authentic, and make their love so much stronger. Camden also successfully weaves in good historical detail, vivid imagery, and real characters. This is a delightful historical romance and one worth reading.