A Country Gentleman

Written by Ann Barker
Review by Karen Wintle

Lavinia Muir and her friend, the flirtatious Isobel Macclesfield, visit Lavinia’s godmother and her son, Lord Thurlby. He can only recall a disastrous previous visit she once made, and when she arrives on the common stage instead of in a carriage, it sets alarm bells ringing. When Lord Thurlby suspects Lavinia has become entangled with the rakish Lord Riseholm, his reservations about her provide a reasonable cover for his jealousy. What follows is a charming and light tale which is an easy-to-read but not too fluffy Regency romance.

The characters are likeable and well-rounded, although Lord Thurlby is rather priggish! Ann Barker is thoroughly enjoying herself with this story and seems to make gentle fun at her characters without spoiling them. The splash of intrigue which is maintained throughout adds to the spice. All in all a gentle tale to while away an afternoon.