A Change of Fortune

Written by Jen Turano

In this charming romance with Christian undertones, Lady Eliza Sumner comes to New York City in 1880, undercover as a governess. Eliza is determined to remain incognito in order to find out what happened to the fiancé who stole her inheritance and jilted her. Her plan is simple: find him, get her money back, and go back to England. What Eliza does not count on is making friends who are determined to help her, falling in love, and rediscovering her faith.

The characters in Turano’s novel are delightful, fun, and entertaining. Brothers Mr. Hamilton and Zayne Beckett are especially lovable characters. Eliza herself is an adorable character with many flaws, funny lines, and a tender heart. It is especially endearing to see Eliza evolve from only wanting vengeance to desiring love, and a family. Turano has a particularly keen eye for detail and imagery. My only criticism for the novel is her habit of using modern language in an otherwise historically accurate story. Overall, this is a delightful debut novel, and I am interested to see what Turano has planned next in the series.