A Certain Darkness (A Verity Kent Mystery)

Written by Anna Lee Huber
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

In this sixth outing of the popular Verity Kent mystery series, World War I combat has ended, and Verity’s given-up-for-dead husband Sidney has returned, but all, as usual, is not right with the world. Both British and French intelligence authorities need the assistance of the intrepid and now-famous couple—a definite hindrance to undercover work.

Soon after they speak with a jailed French operative, she’s found hanging with a suspicious neck break. Then they are drawn into solving the murder of a Belgian lawyer and the disappearance of his satchel and its mysterious contents. Interwoven into all: the hunt for a gold-laden vessel sunk during wartime.

Traveling from England to France and Holland, this complex plot turns itself inside out before its conclusion. Besides sumptuous details and atmospheric settings, the relationships among the characters, especially the tenuous renewed intimacy between Verity and her war-traumatized husband, set this series above more standard mysteries. So come for the rich, complex flavor of the bottle of pinot gris in a room swaddled in thick brocade drapes, but stay for Sidney’s wise observation of his wife’s interrogations: “you see to the heart of how they want to be seen, even if it conflicts with who they truly are.”