A Borrowed Dream

Written by Amanda Cabot
Review by B. J. Sedlock

In 1881, Austin Goddard comes to Cimarron Creek, Texas with a secret: he’s a noted plastic surgeon from back East, but must hide that fact. He and his small daughter, Hannah, are on the run from a criminal who threatened the Goddards after Austin refused to perform surgery on Enright’s face to alter his appearance and evade the law. Posing as a rancher in Cimarron, Austin becomes attracted to Catherine Whitfield, Hannah’s teacher. However, Catherine is contemptuous of doctors because the local man’s archaic methods hurried her mother’s death. Just as she softens towards Austin, Catherine inadvertently starts a chain of events that gives Enright a clue to Austin’s whereabouts, and puts them all into danger.

This is the second volume of the Cimarron Creek series. Cabot’s plot choices give the couple good reasons for remaining conflicted about their relationship, which maintains suspense. I liked the danger scene where a female character acts to rescue herself instead of waiting for male help. I was a bit skeptical about “plastic surgery” being used in 1881, but in an author’s afterword, Cabot makes a convincing case for the long history of the profession and use of the term. A fine inspirational novel.