A Beautiful Spy

Written by Rachel Hore
Review by Karen Warren

Set in London in the years before the Second World War, A Beautiful Spy is the story of Minnie Gray, a typist who finds herself drawn into the world of espionage. The enigmatic Max Knight, her spymaster, encourages her to infiltrate the Communist Party and to report on its members. Minnie craves adventure and rejects society’s expectations of women in the 1930s. However, as both Max and the Communist Party start to place greater demands on her, she becomes aware of the dangers of her position. Eventually the work, and the secrecy it involves, take their toll on her private life.

This novel is based on the true story of Olga Gray. Her handler was the real-life Maxwell Knight, who is said to have inspired Ian Fleming’s “M”. A Beautiful Spy provides a fascinating contrast between the limited lives of Minnie’s married sisters and the non-stop drama of Minnie’s own existence. She veers between wanting a quiet life, chasing excitement, and wanting to serve her country. However, she can never find a happy medium. I particularly liked the way we feel her fear and frustration as she starts to realise that Max, and the intelligence services, have her in a trap which she cannot escape. I can recommend this book as a compulsive and enjoyable read.