Xina Marie Uhl

The Sons of Philo Gaines

By Michael R. Ritt - Published 2020



The legacy of Matthew Gaines’s father, legendary fighting man and Texas Ranger, looms large in the lives of his three sons. The ...Read Review

The Empireid

By Ilvario - Published 2019



Subtitled “An Epic Journey in Verse,” this book employs seventeen-line stanzas to re-create the feel of ancient epics like the Iliad and the ...Read Review

Lady of the Seven Suns: A Novel of the Woman Saint Francis Called Brother

By Tinney Sue Heath - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

St. Francis of Assisi, famous for his devotion to poverty and his sermon to the birds, remains a figure of enduring interest, as ...Read Review

The Forty Thieves: Marjana’s Tale

By Christy Lenzi - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

The One Thousand and One Nights story starring Ali Baba and his forty thieves is retold from the eyes of Marjana, a slave ...Read Review

Shapeshifters: A History

By John B. Kachuba - Published 2019



In my opinion, Shapeshifters: A History should have been titled Shapeshifters: An Examination. Histories of singular subjects such as this tend to proceed ...Read Review

Leo, Dog of the Sea (Dog Chronicles)

By Alison Hart - Published 2017


Children/Young AdultNautical

Spunky little terrier Leo has been at sea for many voyages during Spain’s Age of Discovery in the early 16th century. Leo ...Read Review

Heart of a King

By Jill Eileen Smith - Published 2019



King Solomon of biblical fame is the king referred to in the book’s title. As the main character, the book follows him ...Read Review

A Fisher of Women: The Tale of the Forgotten Healer of Galilee (The Fisherwoman) (Volume 2)

By Catherine Magia - Published 2018



The attentive young mother of a newborn and wife to Simon Peter narrates this tale of Jesus of Nazareth and his disciples. She ...Read Review

All that Glitters (A Great Western Detective League Case)

By Paul Colt - Published 2019



As a title in the Great Western Detective League Case series, this tale pairs up the experienced duo of Briscoe Cane and Beau ...Read Review

Dactyl Hill Squad

By Daniel Jose Older - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes fly the skies and wander the streets of New York City in 1863. The Civil War rages off ...Read Review