Xina Marie Uhl

The Nun’s Betrothal

By Ida Curtis - Published 2020


The nun referred to in the title is young, beautiful Gilda, who has not yet taken her vows. It’s a good thing, ...Read Review

The Saracen: A Tale of Medival Spain

By Lynna Banning - Published 2019


The Reconquista in 12th-century Spain comes alive in this tale of conflict and love between Christians and Saracens, also called Moors. Young Christian ...Read Review

The Littlest Voyageur

By Cheryl Pilgrim (illus.) - By Margi Preus - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

Jean Pierre Petite Le Rouge has a big name for such a little fellow. He’s a red squirrel raised in the watery ...Read Review

The Sons of Philo Gaines

By Michael R. Ritt - Published 2020



The legacy of Matthew Gaines’s father, legendary fighting man and Texas Ranger, looms large in the lives of his three sons. The ...Read Review

The Empireid

By Ilvario - Published 2019



Subtitled “An Epic Journey in Verse,” this book employs seventeen-line stanzas to re-create the feel of ancient epics like the Iliad and the ...Read Review

Lady of the Seven Suns: A Novel of the Woman Saint Francis Called Brother

By Tinney Sue Heath - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

St. Francis of Assisi, famous for his devotion to poverty and his sermon to the birds, remains a figure of enduring interest, as ...Read Review

The Forty Thieves: Marjana’s Tale

By Christy Lenzi - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

The One Thousand and One Nights story starring Ali Baba and his forty thieves is retold from the eyes of Marjana, a slave ...Read Review

Shapeshifters: A History

By John B. Kachuba - Published 2019



In my opinion, Shapeshifters: A History should have been titled Shapeshifters: An Examination. Histories of singular subjects such as this tend to proceed ...Read Review

Leo, Dog of the Sea (Dog Chronicles)

By Alison Hart - Published 2017


Children/Young AdultNautical

Spunky little terrier Leo has been at sea for many voyages during Spain’s Age of Discovery in the early 16th century. Leo ...Read Review

Heart of a King

By Jill Eileen Smith - Published 2019



King Solomon of biblical fame is the king referred to in the book’s title. As the main character, the book follows him ...Read Review