Waheed Rabbani

The Secrets of the Tea Garden (The India Tea Book 4)

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2018


In 1899, on a tea garden estate in Assam, India, a junior officer, James, is summoned by the burra-sahib, Logan, and ordered to handle ...Read Review

A String of Silver Beads (The Moorish Empire)

By Melissa Addey - Published 2018


Northwest Africa, 1067. Seventeen-year-old Kella, a Tuareg girl, is entering camel races—forbidden to women—and winning! Dressed in traditional blue robes, she masquerades ...Read Review

In Dreams Forgotten (Golden Gate Secrets)

By Tracie Peterson - Published 2018



February 1906, San Francisco. Judith is residing in the house of a friend, Camrianne; she’d met her on the train from Denver. Judith’...Read Review

In the Far Pashmina Mountains

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2018


In 1810, a North Sea storm affects two lives. Alice is born in a Northumberland lighthouse and abandoned by her mother. On the Isle ...Read Review

The Best of Intentions (Canadian Crossings)

By Susan Anne Mason - Published 2018



In 1919, Grace arrives in Toronto, Canada, from England, having received letters pleading for help from her widowed sister, Rose, who has a young ...Read Review

Courtney’s War

By Wilbur Smith - Published 2018



It’s springtime in 1939 Paris, and the model-like Saffron and athletic Gerhard are strolling arm-in-arm through the Tuileries Gardens. Both are rich and ...Read Review

Mandodari: Queen of Lanka

By Manini J. Anandani - Published 2018



In mythological times in India, an apsara is enamored with the god Shiva, who seduces her. Although it enrages his consort, Parvati, who ...Read Review

Without a Country

By Ayse Kulin - By Kenneth Dakan (trans.) - Published 2018



Ayse Kulin has several successful novels to her credit, and she has picked another interesting topic for this one. Its basis is an ...Read Review

Prithviraj Chauhan: The Emperor Of Hearts

By Anuja Chandramouli. - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

In 1166, a son named Prithviraj Chauhan is born to Karpuradevi and Someshvara. Soon after, Someshvara accedes to rule a powerful aryavarta kingdom from ...Read Review

City of Secrets (A Counterfeit Lady Novel Book 2)

By Victoria Thompson - Published 2018



In a New York church in the 1920s, Elizabeth Miles, a reformed grifter, lingers after the service to meet some of society’s ...Read Review

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