Waheed Rabbani

Courtney’s War

By Wilbur Smith - Published 2018



It’s springtime in 1939 Paris, and the model-like Saffron and athletic Gerhard are strolling arm-in-arm through the Tuileries Gardens. Both are rich and ...Read Review

Mandodari: Queen of Lanka

By Manini J. Anandani - Published 2018



In mythological times in India, an apsara is enamored with the god Shiva, who seduces her. Although it enrages his consort, Parvati, who ...Read Review

Without a Country

By Ayse Kulin - By Kenneth Dakan (trans.) - Published 2018



Ayse Kulin has several successful novels to her credit, and she has picked another interesting topic for this one. Its basis is an ...Read Review

Prithviraj Chauhan: The Emperor Of Hearts

By Anuja Chandramouli. - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

In 1166, a son named Prithviraj Chauhan is born to Karpuradevi and Someshvara. Soon after, Someshvara accedes to rule a powerful aryavarta kingdom from ...Read Review

City of Secrets (A Counterfeit Lady Novel Book 2)

By Victoria Thompson - Published 2018



In a New York church in the 1920s, Elizabeth Miles, a reformed grifter, lingers after the service to meet some of society’s ...Read Review

Flashman and the Emperor

By Robert Brightwell - Published 2017



In 1822 Flashman meets Thomas Cochrane’s brother, Erskine, at Napoleon’s grave on St. Helena. Although Thomas resigned in disgrace from the Royal ...Read Review

The Storyteller’s Secret

By Sejal Badani - Published 2018


In 2000, Jaya, a thirty-something New York journalist, boards a plane for India. She has recently miscarried for the third time, and her husband ...Read Review

The Elephant Keeper’s Daughter

By Deborah Langton (trans.) - By Julia Drosten - Published 2018


In 1803, a daughter, Phera, is born to the elephant keeper of the independent mountainous Sinhalese Kingdom of Kanda. Desirous of a son, he ...Read Review

The Forgotten Girl

By Heather Chapman - Published 2018



In 1906, in the small town of Durliosy, Poland, sixteen-year-old orphan Stella toils at her hard-hearted brother’s farmstead. She is required to perform ...Read Review

Last Dance in Kabul

By Ken Czech - Published 2018



In 1841 Afghanistan, in the recently captured Kabul Fort, British Captain Reeve Waterton is having a heated discussion with his commanding officer, Brigadier Shelton. ...Read Review

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