Waheed Rabbani

Dawn Empress: A Novel of Imperial Rome (The Theodosian Women)

By Faith L. Justice - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

In 404 AD in Constantinople’s imperial palace, Emperor Arcadius of the Eastern Roman Empire pulls his five-year-old daughter, Pulcheria, into her dead mother’...Read Review

Patchwork Society (Bread and Roses)

By Sharon Johnston - Published 2020


In 1932, leaving her problems behind in Lethbridge, Alberta, Carla Durling and her teenage daughter Ivy relocate to the Northern Ontario town of Sault ...Read Review

My Name Is Eva

By Suzanne Goldring - Published 2020


In 1943 London, young Evelyn Taylor-Clarke, a military services chauffeur, is grief-stricken upon learning of the death of her husband, Hugh, a British secret ...Read Review

The Light at the End of the Day

By Eleanor Wasserberg - Published 2020


In 1937 Krakow, Poland, Adam Oderfeldt, a wealthy Jewish entrepreneur, commissions a portrait of his younger daughter, Alicia, as her present for her 12th ...Read Review

Lady Rosamund and the Poison Pen: A Rosie and McBrae Mystery

By Barbara Monajem - Published 2020



One night while going down the staircase of her London mansion for a cup of warm milk, Lady Rosamund is shocked to find ...Read Review

The Voyage of the Morning Light (US) / The Difference (CAN)

By Marina Endicott - Published 2020


In 1911, twelve-year-old Kay and her older half-sister, Thea, take a sea voyage from Nova Scotia to the South Pacific islands. The merchant ship, ...Read Review

The Tsar’s Locket

By Ken Czech - Published 2020


In 1581 near London, Julian Blunt, a former sea captain, walks into a Catholic cemetery towards his wife’s grave. It was for her ...Read Review

Do Not Awaken Love (The Moroccan Empire)

By Melissa Addey - Published 2020


In 1068 Galicia, the 32-year-old Sister Juliana (birth name Isabella) travels from the Convent of the Sacred Way to Santiago de Compostela to collect ...Read Review


By Nazanine Hozar - Published 2020



On a wintry night in 1953, Behrouz, a military truck driver, is walking home to the poorer, southern part of Tehran. He discovers and ...Read Review


By Kim Kelly - Published 2020


In 1948 Sydney, Australia, Lucy Brynne, a physiotherapist at the Sydney Hospital, is puzzled after reading a newspaper obituary of Dr. Hugo Winter: “He ...Read Review

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