Viviane Crystal

Napoleon: A Life

By Andrew Roberts - Published 2014



This is a remarkable biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, a man considered one of the greatest military strategists and rulers in the in the ...Read Review

The Brickmaker’s Bride

By Judith Miller - Published 2014



In post-Civil War West Virginia, widows were forced to sell businesses in order to financially survive. Such is the case for Laura and ...Read Review

Bright As Gold: Book Four of the Georgia Gold Series

By Denise Weimer - Published 2015



The Civil War of the 1860s is over, and Reconstruction has begun in a highly antagonistic atmosphere in Georgia. Carolyn Calhoun Rousseau’s ...Read Review

The Moonlight Palace

By Liz Rosenberg - Published 2014


Agnes Hussein, her Uncle Chachi, and her grandparents live in crumbling, leaky Kampong Glam Palace in Singapore. The palace once belonged to the ...Read Review

Promise to Cherish

By Elizabeth Byler Younts - Published 2014



In 1945 Amish men who refused to participate in military combat were sent to places where they could serve America in WWII without having ...Read Review

Jam on the Vine

By LaShonda Katrice Barnett - Published 2015



In the early 20th century, Ivoe Williams grows up as the unusually intelligent daughter of a Muslim cook and a metalsmith from Texas. ...Read Review

Agnes Canon’s War

By Deborah Lincoln - Published 2014


“Seize the day” could well be Agnes Canon’s credo, as she yearns to do more than watch men live and decide things ...Read Review

The Lotus and the Storm

By Lan Cao - Published 2014



Be prepared, readers, to travel an emotional rollercoaster from the most profound joy to the most devastating sadness in an astonishing journey in ...Read Review

Acts of Faith: A Blue Satan Mystery

By Patricia Wynn - Published 2014



The Jacobite Rebellion and its aftermath wreaked havoc on many Roman Catholic families in 1716 England, which is carefully and cleverly depicted in Patricia ...Read Review

Shadows in the Shining City

By John D. Cressler - Published 2014


Enter again the world of Muslim Cordoba in the 10th century, depicted by this talented author in this fictional prequel to Emeralds of ...Read Review