Viktor Steiner

Pillars of Barabbas (The Barabbas Trilogy)

By M.D. House - Published 2021



I’m sure readers of the Bible sometimes wonder what happened next. Was that prophecy fulfilled? Did that tax collector or that prostitute ...Read Review

The Peregrine’s Odyssey: Burnt Offerings – A Novel of Early Christianity

By Michael Kleinfall - Published 2019



During the first 20 years of the 2nd century AD, Gaius Segusiavus Peregrinus is torque-bearer of the Gallic clan based near Lugdunum (Lyon, France). ...Read Review

Jersey: Secrets of the Sea

By Paul Darroch - Published 2019


You don’t need to have a special relationship with Jersey to truly appreciate these remarkable cameos of Jersey folk from various epochs, ...Read Review

The Convert

By Stefan Hertmans - Published 2019



Vigdis, daughter of a rich Norman nobleman, is brought up in the Christian faith during the 11th century. As a teenager, she falls ...Read Review