Veronika Pelka

Trigger Mortis: A James Bond Novel

By Anthony Horowitz - Published 2015



Ian Fleming wrote only fourteen Bond novels, but new titles continue to be published, no doubt in part due to the enormous success ...Read Review

The Golden Lion: A Novel of Heroes in a Time of War

By Giles Kristian - By Wilbur Smith - Published 2015


The Golden Lion takes place in the last half of the 17th century, in the 30 years between Smith’s earlier novel Birds of ...Read Review

The Venetian Bargain

By Marina Fiorato - Published 2012Published 2014


It is the year 1576 on the Christian calendar, and the Ottoman Sultan means to take revenge on the Venetians for destroying his 300-ship ...Read Review

Death’s Icy Hand

By Robert Kresge - Published 2012



It is the winter of 1872, and a Russian grand duke and his large entourage are visiting the Wyoming Territory aboard a royal train. ...Read Review

Mozart at the Gateway to His Fortune, Serving the Emperor 1788-1791

By Christoph Wolff - Published 2012



Christoph Wolff is an eminent scholar, and in this nonfiction work offers new insights into the last four years of Mozart’s life. ...Read Review

Bloody Winter

By Andrew Pepper - Published 2012



Bloody Winter has two protagonists, and each tells his story in alternating chapters. The first narrator is the series’ Detective Inspector Pyke, who ...Read Review

The Mirrored World

By Debra Dean - Published 2012


The Mirrored World is a fictional memoir set in Russia just before and during the rule of Catherine the Great and details, with ...Read Review

Why Spencer Percival Had to Die: The Assassination of a British Prime Minister

By Andro Linklater - Published 2012



Spencer Perceval was the only British Prime Minister ever to be assassinated, and since the man who committed the crime was immediately apprehended ...Read Review

Prague Fatale

By Philip Kerr - Published 2012



Prague Fatale continues Philip Kerr’s popular Bernie Gunther series. It is June of 1942, and the cynical homicide detective is nightly toying with ...Read Review

The Thread

By Victoria Hislop - Published 2012


At the beginning of the 20th century, the Greek city of Thessaloniki was populated by a vibrant mixture of Jews, Muslims and Christians. ...Read Review