Valerie Adolph

Knight of the Rails

By Christine Welldon - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

The 1930s were a period of drought throughout much of North America. In Canada the prairie provinces—the wheat-growing heart of central Canada—...Read Review


By Richard Camp - Published 2022



Jedburghs is the second novel featuring the fictional Captain Jim Cain’s exploits during World War Two. In this novel, Cain joins the ...Read Review

Cashdown’s Folly

By Stephen Preston Banks - Published 2022



In the 1880s, Hamish Musgrave looks for land in Washington Territory and finds what becomes his stake in what was then called ‘Palouse ...Read Review

The Secret Society of Salzburg

By Renee Ryan - Published 2022



This novel is set in the period before and during WW2 in England and Austria, as Hitler initiates and increases his persecution of ...Read Review

The Sound of Light

By Sarah Sundin - Published 2023


Inspirational Romance

Most of this novel takes place in German-occupied Denmark in 1943. For the first years of the war, the Germans have not displayed cruelty ...Read Review

Flora Flowerdew & the Mystery of the Duke’s Diamonds

By Amanda McCabe - Published 2022



Flora Flowerdew is a semi-legitimate spiritual medium making a living conducting séances in London in 1888. She is good at reading people, and ...Read Review

In the Fall They Leave

By Joanna Higgins - Published 2023


Marie-Thérèse Hulbert is starting her third and final year at nursing school at a small hospital in Brussels, Belgium. Having failed ...Read Review

Queen of Thieves

By Beezy Marsh - Published 2023


Set in London shortly after World War 2, this novel explores the world of the Forty Thieves, a highly successful gang of female thieves, ...Read Review

The Suicide Skull

By Susan McDuffie - Published 2022



Euphemia McPhee, a young woman who has the Second Sight and knows the ancient skills of healing with herbs, lives alone in a ...Read Review

The Prisoner and the Writer

By Heather Camlot - By Sophie Casson (illus.) - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Captain Alfred Dreyfus, wrongly accused of treason by the French government in 1894, was imprisoned on Devil’s Island, off the South American coast. ...Read Review

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