Valerie Adolph

The War Nurse

By Tracey Enerson Wood - Published 2021


Julie Stimson is Superintendent of Nurses at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis in April 1917 when she is asked on short notice to develop ...Read Review

M, King’s Bodyguard

By Niall Leonard - Published 2021


Biographical FictionThriller

January 1901: Queen Victoria has died. Plans for her funeral are made by the court, the military, the police, and by assorted anarchists and ...Read Review

Dancing With Chairs in the Music House

By Caro Soles - Published 2020


Ten-year-old Vanessa, the narrator of this novel, is moving to the Music House with her family, as they have been evicted from their ...Read Review

Hanna, I Forgot to Tell You

By Estelle Glaser Laughlin - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Written by a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, this novel is based on true stories told by people who endured the Nazi ...Read Review

Between Tides

By Angel Khoury - Published 2021



With a brief but personal memory of a little-known aspect of the American Civil War, this novel mostly covers events of the 1890s ...Read Review

Call Across the Sea (The Heroes Quartet, 4)

By Kathy Kacer - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Denmark in 1943 has endured a Nazi occupation without significant oppression, but this changes suddenly. Henny, a teenager living on the coast that faces ...Read Review

A Cowboy of Legend (Lone Star Legends 1)

By Linda Broday - Published 2021



Pretty blue-eyed, blond-haired Grace Legend, daughter of Houston Legend, meets broad-shouldered, roguish-looking Deacon Brannock, stubble-jawed, his shirt unbuttoned. Grace is a leader of ...Read Review

When I Was Yours

By Lizzie Page - Published 2020



Vivienne is a naïve teenager living in London during the Great War, later known as the First World War. During the Second ...Read Review

The Last Bookshop in London: A Novel of World War II

By Madeline Martin - Published 2021


This novel set in London covers the full period of the Second World War. Young Grace Bennett has escaped a miserable home life ...Read Review

Our Last Goodbye

By Shirley Dickson - Published 2020


Set in northern England during the Second World War, this novel explores the many aspects of loss that come to the forefront during ...Read Review

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