Val Loh

The Soldier’s Curse

By Meg Keneally - By Tom Keneally - Published 2017



Set in 1825 in the early years of the Australian colony, this first novel in The Monsarrat Series is set in Port Macquarie. The ...Read Review

Spymaster: Deadly Storm and Fatal Voyage

By Jan Burchett - By Sara Vogler - Published 2017


AdventureChildren/Young AdultNautical

This book contains two separate novels in a single volume. In Deadly Storm, Henry VIII and Lady Anne Boleyn set off from Knole ...Read Review

Dance of Death

By Edward Marston - Published 2015



Set in 1916, this is the fifth title in the Home Front Detective Series. Dancer Simon Wilder leaves his house, lost in his own ...Read Review

Little Girl Lost

By Val Wood - Published 2015


In 1842 Margriet is a lonely girl growing up in Hull under the claustrophobic watch of her mother. Her loving father commutes across the ...Read Review

The Chateau on the Lake

By Charlotte Betts - Published 2014


The date is 1792, and the French Revolution is at its height. Madeleine Moreau has lived a sheltered life teaching at her parents’ Academy ...Read Review

A Little in Love

By Susan Fletcher - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

In 1832, Paris is a city in turmoil. The blood of young men – idealists and revolutionaries who wish for a fairer society – seeps into ...Read Review

The History Keepers: Nightship to China

By Damian Dibben - Published 2014


AdventureChildren/Young AdultTime-slip

The third book in The History Keepers series will not disappoint its readers as the adventure continues taking Jake Djones time-travelling from Shakespeare’...Read Review


By Catherine Johnson - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

‘Medical science is flourishing, and in London the illegal trade in corpses has never been more… alive.’ This quote sums up the novel ...Read Review

Dawn Wind

By Charles Keeping (illustrator) - By Rosemary Sutcliff - Published 2013Published c1961


Children/Young Adult

The 6th century AD. The Romans have left Britain and the Saxons are invading. The day after the last great battle of Aquae ...Read Review

The Quietness

By Alison Rattle - Published 2013


Children/Young Adult

Queenie is desperate to escape the harsh reality of daily survival in her poverty-stricken home. Love exists there but is dulled by the ...Read Review

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