Val Jensen

In Harm’s Way: JFK, World War II, and the Heroic Rescue of PT 109

By Iain Martin - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultNonfiction

For future president John F. Kennedy, the night of August 2, 1943 would cement his future as a war hero and leader. It would also ...Read Review

Almost Autumn

By Marianne Kaurin - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

Ilse Stern has a teenage crush on Herman Rød, but he has just stood her up. Although she doesn’t know it ...Read Review

The Adventures of Joe Harper

By Phong Nguyen - Published 2016



It has been ten years since Joe Harper left home in St. Petersburg, Missouri to follow the wanderlust fancies of Tom Sawyer. Ten ...Read Review

The Curse of Jacob Tracy

By Holly Messinger - Published 2015



After nearly dying in battle at Antietam, our hero, Jacob Tracy, discovers that he has contracted an unsettling gift. He is now able ...Read Review

The Ambassador

By Matt Rees - By Yehuda Avner - Published 2015


Alternate HistoryThriller

The Ambassador is a revisionist historical novel set during World War II. It asks the question: What would have happened to the Jews ...Read Review

Shards of Heaven

By Michael Livingston - Published 2015



44 BCE: Rome is divided and Julius Caesar is dead. Two contenders – Octavian, grandnephew and adopted son of Caesar, and Mark Antony, Caesar’s ...Read Review