Trudi E. Jacobson

When I Lived in Modern Times

By Linda Grant - Published 2001



I was absolutely bowled over by this book, which won the British Orange Prize for Fiction. It is the story of Evelyn Sert, ...Read Review

Fingerprints: The Origins of Crime Detection and the Murder Case That Launched Forensic Science

By Colin Beavan - Published 2001



This is a fascinating look into the history and use of fingerprints in crime detection. Beavan begins the book by recounting a terrible ...Read Review

Potent Pleasures (Pleasures Trilogy)

By Eloisa James - Published 2000



Eloisa James has written two enjoyable Regency-era historical romances that are linked by characters and plot elements—they are best read in the ...Read Review

Peerless Theodosia (Reprise)

By Rebecca Baldwin - Published 2000



England and the United States are at war. An overzealous British lieutenant has stopped a ship flying under a neutral flag and taken ...Read Review

Soul of the Sacred Earth

By Vella Munn - Published 2000


Except for a brief prelude set in 1599, the events in this book take place during the summer and fall of 1628 in what is ...Read Review

The Armada Boy (Wesley Peterson Crime Novels)

By Kate Ellis - Published 2000



Past and present again intertwine in the second of the Wesley Peterson crime novels (first up was The Merchant’s House), set near ...Read Review