Troy Reed

The Golden Tulip

By Rosalind Laker - Published 2007



Love is in full bloom in this Laker reprint, set against the rich backdrop of 17th-century Holland. Francesca Visser is a talented young ...Read Review

Wizard’s Daughter

By Catherine Coulter - Published 2007


Historical FantasyMystery/CrimeRomance

Catherine Coulter mesmerizes readers with a blend of history, fantasy, and a touch of the paranormal in her tenth book in the Brides ...Read Review

Loyal in Love: Henrietta Maria, Wife of Charles l

By Jean Plaidy - Published 2007


Biographical Fiction

Plaidy’s eighth novel in her Queens of England series, a reprint of the 1983 title Myself, My Enemy, brings readers the story of ...Read Review

Down And Out In Eighteenth-Century London

By Tim Hitchcock - Published 2007



In this well-researched volume, Tim Hitchcock, Professor of History at the University of Hertfordshire, offers a scholarly look at the beggars and the ...Read Review