Trish MacEnulty

The Dazzle of the Light

By Georgina Clarke - Published 2023



When we first meet Ruby Mills with her black bob and movie star looks, she is so dazzling that a young clerk in ...Read Review

At the Hour Between Dog and Wolf

By Tara Ison - Published 2023


This book is a fascinating psychological study of how—in the face of systemized terror—it can be not only possible but necessary ...Read Review

The Winter Guest

By W. C. Ryan - Published 2022



Even before a mystery is established in his most recent novel, W. C. Ryan creates a suspenseful mood with the description of a ...Read Review

Coming Apart: A Novel of the Great Depression (Ava and Claire)

By Karen Heenan - Published 2022


This well-written and engrossing story revolves around two sisters whose lives have taken very different paths, and what happens to them as the ...Read Review

The Girls in Navy Blue

By Alix Rickloff - Published 2022


One of the pitfalls of the dual-timeline novel is that one story often overshadows the other. Happily, that is not the case for ...Read Review

The Nurse’s Secret: A Thrilling Historical Novel of the Dark Side of Gilded Age New York City

By Amanda Skenandore - Published 2022



Today, we expect and rely on nurses to be competent, trained professionals. And yet, it wasn’t always so. Prior to the late 19...Read Review

Bindle Punk Bruja

By Desideria Mesa - Published 2022


Historical Fantasy

In 1920s Kansas City, a young woman with two identities and two names—Luna, who is Latinx, and Rosa, who passes as white—...Read Review

The Call of the Wrens

By Jenni L. Walsh - Published 2022



From its intriguing cover to the author’s note at the end, this book will captivate readers. Alternating between the story of Marion, ...Read Review

Marple: Twelve New Mysteries (Miss Marple Mysteries)

By Alyssa Cole - By Dreda Say Mitchell - By Elly Griffiths - By Jean Kwok - By Karen M. McManus - By Kate Mosse - By Leigh Bardugo - By Lucy Foley - By Naomi Alderman - By Natalie Haynes - By Ruth Ware - By Val McDermid - Published 2022



Even those who have never read Agatha Christie surely know the character Jane Marple, the seemingly innocuous elderly woman around whom murders happen ...Read Review

Gilded Mountain

By Kate Manning - Published 2022


In Gilded Mountain, Manning tackles a variety of societal ills, including the plight of laborers in the Western mines, the racist aftermath of ...Read Review

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