Tracey Warr

The Manhattan Girls

By Gill Paul - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

In 1920s New York, Prohibition is in force, and four women—renowned wit, Dorothy Parker; beautiful and gifted actress, Winifred Lenihan; journalist, Jane ...Read Review

Hex: Darkland Tales

By Jenni Fagan - Published 2022



At 12 noon on 4 December 1591, fifteen-year-old Geillis Duncan was hung as a witch in Edinburgh. She was one of over 70 people, mainly women and ...Read Review

A Marvellous Light (The Last Binding, 1)

By Freya Marske - Published 2021


Historical FantasyMystery/Crime

Set in Edwardian England, A Marvellous Light is a magical murder mystery. Young baronet Robin Blyth finds himself with a mystifying new job ...Read Review

The Royal Game

By Anne O’Brien - Published 2021



The novel opens with a dispute over a will between mother and son, Agnes Paston and John Paston, which sets the tenor of ...Read Review


By Annie Garthwaite - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

King Henry VI was nine months old when he became king of England. Shortly afterwards, he became the disputed king of France and ...Read Review

A Map of the Damage

By Sophia Tobin - Published 2020


Tobin has created a scintillating novel of smoke and mirrors set in the glass-loaded Mirrormakers Club in London. Two narratives weave around each ...Read Review

The Silken Rose (The Rose Trilogy)

By Carol McGrath - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Thirteen-year-old Ailenor of Provence travels to England to become the wife of King Henry III. The King showers her with gifts and is ...Read Review

In Byron’s Wake: The Turbulent Lives of Lord Byron’s Wife and Daughter: Annabella Milbanke and Ada Lovelace

By Miranda Seymour - Published 2018



Seymour tells the stories of Annabella Milbanke’s short-lived marriage to Byron, and of their daughter, Ada. We are gripped by the spectacle ...Read Review

The Glovemaker’s Daughter

By Leah Fleming - Published 2018


The novel opens with an account of the persecution of Quakers in 17th-century England, set out in the journal of Rejoice (or Joy) ...Read Review

False Rumours

By Danae Penn - Published 2017



In the stormy summer of 1483, the cathedral town of Condom in Gascony is an important centre for pilgrims walking the Compostela route. Belina ...Read Review