Towse Harrison

The Tribute Bride

By Theresa Tomlinson - Published 2014Published 2018-06-20


Biographical Fiction

A very enjoyable historical novel! The role of women, even those of high status, is often impossible to track through primary sources. The ...Read Review


By Alison Morton - Published 2013


Alternate History

This is not an historical novel, being set entirely in the present day, but what may prove of interest to HNS readers is ...Read Review

Stone Lord

By JP Reedman - Published 2013



Stone Lord’s highly original premise takes the legend of King Arthur back into prehistory to the early Bronze Age. This inspired choice ...Read Review

The Witch and her Soul

By Christine Middleton - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

There have been many novels about the Lancashire witch trials of 1612 but for many modern readers the tragedy and horror of the events ...Read Review

Harp of Joy

By Yvonne Harlech - Published 2012


Alternate HistorySaga

Harp of Joy completes the story started in Mistress of the Temple giving us the story of Dorothy Eady’s life as she ...Read Review

The Axe, the Shield and the Halig Rood

By James M Hockey - Published 2010


Alternate HistoryFantasy

The second in a projected series, this is an imaginative re-drawing of Dark Age Britain in the late 5thC AD, only two generations ...Read Review

A Gift for the Magus

By Linda Proud - Published 2012


A Gift for the Magus is a stand alone prequel to Linda’s wonderful Botticelli trilogy (also available from Godstow Press), in that ...Read Review

The Rebel Heart

By Martin Stephen - Published 2006



This is the fourth outing for Stephen’s charismatic anti-hero Sir Henry Gresham. It is 1598, and Elizabeth I is getting old. Her health ...Read Review