Tom Vallar

Murder on the Switzerland Trail

By Mike Befeler - Published 2015



Boulder, Colorado in 1919 has seen so few murders in its brief history that veteran policeman Harry McBride has never had to solve one. ...Read Review

Shakespeare No More: A Jacobean Mystery

By Tony Hays - Published 2015



Knowing he is dying, William Shakespeare summons his estranged childhood friend to his bedside to find out who poisoned him. Simon Saddler knows ...Read Review

Taking on Theodore Roosevelt: How One Senator Defied the President on Brownsville and Shook American Politics

By Harry Lembeck - Published 2015



Gunfire awakens a small south Texas town one August night in 1906, leaving a civilian dead and a policeman wounded. Fort Brown, adjacent to ...Read Review

A June of Ordinary Murders

By Conor Brady - Published 2015



It is 1887. Victoria is celebrating her 50th year as monarch, Ireland is sweltering under record heat, and among the scores of weather-related deaths ...Read Review