Tom Vallar

A House Divided (Lincoln and Speed Mysteries)

By Jonathan F. Putnam - Published 2019



The winter of 1840 brings a horrific ice storm, a man’s disappearance, and Mary Todd’s arrival in Springfield, Illinois. Con man Flynn ...Read Review

Abe & Ann

By Gary Moore - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

New Salem, Illinois owes its existence to the Sangamon River, and the dam that helps run the mill is crucial to its modest ...Read Review

A Most Diabolical Plot: Six Compelling Sherlock Holmes Cases

By Tim Symonds - Published 2018


Mystery/CrimeShort Stories

“The notebooks of John H. Watson, MD” yielded for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle many splendid tales of the world’s most famous consulting ...Read Review

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Undead Client: Being Book One of the Unpublished Case Files of John H. Watson, M.D.

By MJ Downing - Published 2019



Whitechapel, 1888. You know what’s coming next—but you don’t expect Sherlock Holmes to be involved. That’s the twist in this ...Read Review

Solace of Water

By Elizabeth Younts - Published 2018



No parent should have to bury a child, but this death hits Delilah Evans especially hard. Carver was her joy, though she still ...Read Review

Born to the Badge (Wyatt Earp: An American Odyssey)

By Mark Warren - Published 2018


Biographical FictionWestern

The Kansas years forged Wyatt Earp’s career as a lawman, though it took a while for the idea to overcome his daydreams ...Read Review

The Queen’s Progress

By M.J. Trow - Published 2018



Since the reign of Henry VIII, monarchs have ventured into the countryside in the summertime to escape the oppressive heat (and sometimes plague) ...Read Review

The Daisy Children

By Sofia Grant - Published 2018



Cousins Katie Garrett and Scarlett Ragsdale cannot be more different even though they were born just miles apart in East Texas. Katie is ...Read Review

The Ascent of John Tyndall: Victorian Scientist, Mountaineer, and Public Intellectual

By Roland Jackson - Published 2018



Though lesser-known than his contemporaries – Faraday, Huxley, Kelvin, Carlyle, and Pasteur – John Tyndall is becoming recognized for achievements in science and other areas. ...Read Review

The Body in the Ballroom

By R. J. Koreto - Published 2018



Philadelphia Rutledge’s coming-of-age ball at her uptown New York mansion ends in disaster when one of the most universally hated guests dies. ...Read Review