Thomas j. Howley

Isaiah’s Legacy: A Novel of Prophets and Kings

By Mesu Andrews - Published 2020



In a small village in Judah, a young girl, Shulle, lives a happy yet simple life with her gentle and sometimes strange father, ...Read Review

Minesweeper (Special Forces, Book 2)

By Chris Lynch - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Before there were Navy SEALs, there were Underwater Demolition Teams, UDTs. Fergus Frew lost his father in WWII. His mother worries about him ...Read Review

No Hero’s Welcome (Sweet Wine of Youth)

By Jeffrey K. Walker - Published 2019


It’s 1915, the Battle of Gallipoli during WWI. Sergeant Major Daniel Brannigan of the Dublin Fusiliers, fighting as part of the British Army, ...Read Review

The Nugget: A Novel (P. T. Deutermann WWII Novels)

By P. T. Deutermann - Published 2019



Ensign Bobby Steele, US Navy aviator, wakes up with a throbbing hangover on board the battleship Oklahoma on the morning of December 7, 1941. Attacking ...Read Review

Twilight of the Gods (Grimnir Series)

By Scott Oden - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

In 1218 AD, the Raven Geats are holding onto their lands in central Scandinavia and their ancient gods, surrounded by hostile Swedes, Norse and ...Read Review

Hobnail and Other Frontier Stories

By Loren D. Estleman - Published 2019


Short StoriesWestern

Subtitled “A Century of the American Frontier,” this anthology is a collection of seventeen new short stories by well-known, award-winning authors. For readers ...Read Review

The Devil in Paradise: Captain Putnam in Hawaii (A Bliven Putnam Naval Adventure)

By James L. Haley - Published 2019



In 1817, American naval officer Bliven Putnam is now captain of his own ship of war, the sloop Rappahannock, on duty hunting slavers in ...Read Review

Now We Shall Be Entirely Free

By Andrew Miller - Published 2019



British Cavalry Captain John Lacroix returns home from fighting the French in Spain in 1809 suffering from physical and mental wounds. He is initially ...Read Review

The Widow of Pale Harbor

By Hester Fox - Published 2019


In the small and declining Maine town of Pale Harbor in 1846, Sophronia Carver, a widow and literary magazine publisher, lives with her servant ...Read Review


By Justin Benton - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

It’s 1932 and the Depression is going strong in rural Tennessee, along with Prohibition.  Distilling illegal liquor is the only way to survive ...Read Review

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