Thomas j. Howley

A Single Swallow

By Zhang Ling - Published 2020



On the day the Japanese emperor announces his nation’s surrender to the Allied forces, three quite different men, in the unbridled exaltation ...Read Review

Toward That Which is Beautiful: A Novel

By Marian O'Shea Wernicke - Published 2020


In 1964 a surprising number of American Catholic girls decide to go into the convent to become missionary nuns. Mary Katherine “Kate” O’Neill ...Read Review

The Conqueror (Constantine’s Empire)

By Bryan Litfin - Published 2020



In the early 4th century AD, Rome is ruled by the Tetrarchy or “rule by four.” The empire is divided into geographic quadrants ...Read Review

Larcum Mudge (Alexander Clay Series)

By Philip K. Allan - Published 2020



In 1800, mutinous plans are being hatched on the Royal Naval Sloop Peregrine as she plies the balmy waters of the Caribbean. What follows ...Read Review

Hunting Teddy Roosevelt

By James Ross - Published 2020


In 1909, Teddy Roosevelt has already completed two successful terms as U.S. President and has almost reluctantly decided not to seek a third ...Read Review

The Not So Quiet Life of Calamity Jane

By K. Lyn Wurth - Published 2021


Biographical FictionWestern

In 1862 in Missouri, Martha Jane Cannary is six, the oldest sister to crying baby brothers and sisters. Her often absent mother craves whiskey ...Read Review

The Budapest Escape

By Bill Rapp - Published 2019



In 1955 Karl Baier is the Acting Chief of Station at the CIA site in bustling Vienna, Austria. Although Vienna is a hotbed of ...Read Review

Opium and Absinthe: A Novel

By Lydia Kang - Published 2020



It’s 1899, the turn of the 20th century, in New York City. Young and pampered Tillie Pembroke, who never seems quite able to ...Read Review

Brother’s Keeper

By Julie Lee - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

In North Korea during 1950, families live under the complete control of the Worker’s Party. The state has outlawed religion, installed Marxist dialectics ...Read Review

The End of the Magi

By Patrick W. Carr - Published 2019



In Babylon in 537 BC, the prophet Daniel learns his people, the Hebrews, are finally being freed to return to their homeland in Israel. ...Read Review

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