Terri Baker

The Second Winter

By Craig Larsen - Published 2016



Larsen’s gritty tale is as much about one Danish family’s struggle to survive the Nazi occupation of Denmark as it is ...Read Review

We Want Everything

By Nanni Balestrini - Published 2016



Like the protests that took place in Paris in May 1968, the protests of Autumn 1969 in Italy transformed the country, thanks to workers and ...Read Review

Casey’s Last Chance

By Joseph B. Atkins - Published 2015



In July 1960, the revelations about Nazi war crimes were only fifteen years old. Only two months before, in May 1960, Nazi war criminal Adolf ...Read Review

Sent to the Devil

By Laura Lebow - Published 2016



A murder mystery in which Mozart and Casanova appear, set in late 18th-century Vienna, and seen through the eyes of Mozart’s librettist, ...Read Review

I Was a Revolutionary

By Andrew Malan Milward - Published 2015


LiteraryShort Stories

Andrew Malan Milward opens his collection of short stories with an academic investigation of the 1863 raid on Lawrence, Kansas, by Quantrill and his ...Read Review

The King’s Sisters

By Sarah Kennedy - Published 2015


This is the latest instalment in a trilogy, after The Altarpiece and City of Ladies, which follows the challenges faced by Catherine Havens, ...Read Review

The Night Stages

By Jane Urquhart - Published 2015


As an epigraph to The Night Stages, Jane Urquhart uses a line from Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night: “...Read Review

Liberated: A Novel of Germany, 1945

By Steve Anderson - Published 2014



Captain Harry Kaspar is member of the U.S. Occupation forces sent to Germany to oversee that country after victory in Europe in 1945. ...Read Review

Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Her Daughter Mary Shelley

By Charlotte Gordon - Published 2015



Mary Wollstonecraft, who wrote some of the first proto-feminist tracts in the late 18th century, was an inspiration to her daughter Mary Godwin ...Read Review

The Bridal Chair

By Gloria Goldreich - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

The Bridal Chair is a sprawling novel that reclaims historical space for a woman behind a great male artist by surveying some thirty ...Read Review