Teresa Devine

Virtue’s Lady: The Southwark Saga, Book 2,

By Jessica Cale - Published 2015



Virtue’s Lady, the second volume in Jessica Cale’s Southwark Saga, resumes the story of beautiful young Lady Jane Ramsey. She has ...Read Review

Bride Ship Three

By Valerie Fletcher Adolph - Published 2016


Three very different women encounter the roughest aspects of the New World when their ‘bride ship’ arrives at the gold rush town of ...Read Review

Davenport House

By Marie Silk - Published 2016


Mary Davenport, the 22-year-old protagonist of Marie Silk’s Davenport House (the first in a series by the same name), is a cloistered ...Read Review

Mami of the Mountain

By Joy Fowler - Published 2015


Joy Fowler’s enormous, sprawling epic Mami of the Mountain mostly takes place in the backwoods and poor but picturesque hollers of the 19...Read Review

Shanghai Scarlet

By Margaret Blair - Published 2012


The world of 1930s Shanghai is vividly brought to life in Margaret Blair’s Shanghai Scarlet, which centers on a young man named ...Read Review

Secrets, Lies, and Murder in Ancient Rome

By Richard C. Waring - Published 2015


The oddly didactic title of Richard Waring’s Secrets, Lies, and Murder in Ancient Rome (let’s hope future editions have a title ...Read Review

Francesco’s Song

By C. M. Furio - Published 2015


C. M. Furio’s Francesco’s Song follows the fortunes of a young man named Francesco whose life mirrors the experiences of many ...Read Review

Annaliese from Off

By Lindy Keane Carter - Published 2014


The action of Lindy Keane Carter’s deeply impressive debut novel Annaliese From Off starts in relative domestic tranquility: in 1900, young mother, Annaliese ...Read Review

The Peace Weaver

By Charles Barnitz - Published 2015


Mystery/CrimeShort Stories

This volume collects five stories starring Charles Barnitz’s main character, 8th century former monk-turned-advocate, Hring, in a Britannia that has descended into ...Read Review

Eleanor’s Wars

By Ames Sheldon - Published 2015


Ames Sheldon’s remarkably assured debut novel Eleanor’s War takes place in 1940s New Jersey and provides the reader with a fascinating ...Read Review